<aside> 💡 This is a Start-Up 101 organizer made in Notion. It’s made simple to help college students and entrepreneurs quickly get their entrepreneurial ideas out there. It’s organized into two parts: The idea and solution section and the start-up essentials. Before you bootstrap an idea you need an idea. Once that’s ready, you’ll have the essentials you’ll need to get your idea ready for launch!

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Idea Creation

<aside> 💡 Developing an idea is an exciting process and this template is going to help you succeed at execution! From fleshing out the idea and problem you’re solving, to planning for the phase of building and sharing it with the world, this Startup 101 template and Mindset & Milestones are here to support!



It’s easier to find a problem to solve than coming up with a multimillion-dollar idea.


Solve enough problems and you’ll find your idea becomes “contagious as your super fans and early adopters start to share it for you

Unique Value Proposition

What makes your idea or product different from what’s already out there?


Figure out what people you’re solving this solution for. Focusing on a specific niche is a great way to get started

Start-Up Essentials

<aside> 💡 Here are the essential tools to help you get started creating and launching your idea!


Tools and Resources