Project brief:

The problem statement was to design a referral system for Mindhouse users. The referral system had to be developed for the users at various points while using the app in order to increase engagement.

About Mindhouse:

Mindhouse is a meditation and wellness company trying to create an online “gym for the mind.” Through its online live classes with courses designed in collaboration with meditation experts and a curated library of meditation tracks, yoga videos, background music, Mindhouse is your one-stop for meditation as a tool for mental wellness. Zomato co-founder's meditation startup for mental health

Detailed Problem statement

<aside> 👍 The process followed: Research — Define —- Ideate/Brainstorm —- Visual design —-Prototype


Let's get started.👇

As human beings, we tend to believe something that is shared by someone we know personally rather than a random ad on Instagram. We value the suggestions from our circle, and that is the very reason why referrals work well in acquiring new users.

Before starting to design the referral system for Mindhouse, I had a through research done on existing referral systems design.

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In App Referral Program - Everything You Need To Know

Competitive analysis

I wanted to analyse similar apps in the wellness sector in terms of their referral design system.

The apps that I analysed in detail were Curefit, Headspace, Calm, and Apptive. The key points of analysis were based on the concept, touchpoints, hook, and rewards, and weaknesses of the existing solution to help get a better understanding of the existing referral programs.