MindfulWebz is Ukraine DAO’s mental health support project - we collect and publish resources on how to cope with the war-related trauma and provide a space for people to share their emotions.

MindfulWebz is led by Masha, LA-based qualified psychologist born in Ukraine.

Mindful Webz Twitter Spaces

We hold weekly Twitter Spaces for people to share their feelings and discuss mental health - everyone is welcome to join. The details on the next one (if the time has been confirmed) can be found in Events .

Want to help with MindfulWebz?

Please fill out the Volunteer Psychologist form if you’d like to help us with MindfulWebz and drop a DM to Masha (MindfulWebz Lead) or Alona (Operational Lead) to follow up.

Volunteer Psychologist Form

We also welcome suggestions for info resources to add to our Knowledge Bank below - books, articles, podcasts about mental health and war-related trauma in particular. Drop us a DM if you have something to share!

Knowledge Bank

📖 How to Speak to People Who Have Been Affected by the War in Ukraine - Val Voshchevska

Гарячі лінії підтримки - Help Hotlines

MindfulWebz Book Recommendations

Пережити Зґвалтування / Help for Rape Victims

Bereavement (Grief). Скорбота

Trauma. Травма

Trauma Informed Schools - Reliable Resources

Relationship problems.Проблеми в стосунках

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Посттравматичний стресовий розлад (ПТСР)

📖 Книжки для тих, хто потребує відчуття дому та сімейного затишку

💊Безкоштовні лікарі онлайн