Welcome to the new HourStack! This is a complete redesign and rebuild from the ground up that is over a year in the making. We've relied heavily on customer feedback to ensure we retain the best parts of HourStack, add some highly desired functionality and build a framework to implement an amazing roadmap we've developed. This is just the start!

This guide will help you get set up for testing, and when you are ready, guide you to making your permanent migration to the new platform. We look forward to hearing your feedback as you dig into the new HourStack. Please feel free to send comments, bug reports, or anything else to support@hourstack.com.

Make sure you check out the Product Guide to learn about the features in HourStack, and the roadmap to see what we're working on next!

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Test and Permanent Migrations

You'll have the option to run a test or a permanent migration. We suggest you run a test migration first to try out the new version of HourStack. Once you are done with your test workspace, you can delete it and then perform a permanent migration.

In both migration types, all members, teams, projects, labels, entries, etc. will be copied over. There are a couple of key differences between the test and permanent migration that you should be aware of:

The Migration Process

  1. Navigate to https://app.hourstack.com/migrate.
  2. Click "Migrate your workspace" for a permanent migration or "Test it out first..." for a test migration. If permanently migrating, you should delete any test migrations you have first to avoid confusion with workspaces having the same name.
  3. The legacy HourStack app will request your approval to share data with the new one.
  4. Once you approve, the new HourStack app will show you a list of workspaces that are eligible to migrate. Remember that only the workspace owner can migrate a workspace.
  5. Select the workspace you'd like to migrate.
  6. Your data will be copied. This process can take as little as 30 seconds for a small workspace or 20 minutes for a larger workspace with hundreds of thousands or millions of entries.
  7. We'll email you once the migration is done in case you navigated away from the page.
  8. All members of your workspace can log in to the new HourStack app at https://app.hourstack.com/login using your credentials from the legacy HourStack app (including Google Sign In if that is how you originally authenticated your account).

What Your Team Will See

When you initiate a permanent migration, we'll take the following action in the legacy app: