By Maya Halvorsen

Harryette Mullen's Muse & Drudge is a reflection on Mullen's own experiences and how life is in America for a Black woman. Within the introduction to Recyclopedia, she points out that this perspective is a valid, non-exclusionary viewpoint. Further, in this same space, Mullen mentions that she views Muse & Drudge as "a crossroads where the blues intersects with the tradition of lyric poetry," (Mullen xi). Blues as a genre often holds a melancholy feeling, especially when the focus of the song is about love. These matters are also heavily present within Muse & Drudge, which adds to the connection between the blues and Mullen's poetry. This poem examines the roles of Black women in the United States of America and the various problems that they face and the inclusion of blues provides an effective mechanism for Mullen to express these issues: such issues as how women deal with misogyny in all aspects of their lives, Black people face racism, and the intersection of misogyny and racism for Black women. Mullen takes these dilemmas even further and examines how even when these women are being supported, cared for, or admired these predicaments seep through and it becomes a matter if these women are truly being seen at all.


                                        I chose to focus on page 130 from *Muse & Drudge*

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