This is Jon doing free-form journaling to get his thoughts in order. Feel free to read, but it’s not designed to be a public-facing document.

Success! Now to switch gears…

Q2 has been very successful. We built the Tour and Passport, then a bunch of research to see how well it’s doing. We used Logrocket to track down a bunch of errors and issues, resulting in the best numbers we’ve ever seen, with more clarity about our product than we’ve ever had before. There’s lots to be happy about here, now we just need to keep it up.

So there’s still new things to do, but the hardest stuff has been done. So what next?


I have different maintenance projects going (improve NUX, improve NGX, improve UX, etc) but the most important one is testsuites. So that’s where I should focus next, with a big push. There are two different kinds of bugs, in an obvious priority order:

  1. P1 bugs
  2. Cosmetic tweaks

So for the next big push, we should work on the bugs with the highest ROI. We don’t need to fix every last little cosmetic tweak, but we can improve a good number.

Oh, I should also try installing Testsuites on my own personal projects. That’ll be some good experience that can tie in to the experience.

New Guest Experience

We have a lot of items in this bucket, and I have a pretty clear sense of the order I want to go in:

  1. Screenshot the full NGX flow and host at http://go/ngx-walkthrough (also update nux-walkthrough)