<aside> ℹ️ Microsoft 365 was formerly known as Office 365. The new name is intended to incorporate Microsoft's Office software and services with their business and platform offerings such as Azure and Device Management.


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Migrating to Microsoft 365



OneDrive and SharePoint

Setting up MFA


Booking and using Resources (rooms and equipment)


All your Microsoft 365 services, and software if you have a license that includes this, can be accessed online at portal.office.com.


<aside> ✉️ What Outlook and Exchange actually mean is not necessarily obvious. Outlook is the application that you use to access your email. And Exchange is the name of the platform that your email runs on.


Your email service encompasses email messages, calendars and contacts – all stored within your mailbox. All users can access their email online via Outlook Web App (OWA), found at outlook.office.com.

If you have access to Office software, you can use the full version of Outlook to access and manage your email, which gives full functionality.

You can also access from your mobile devices, either by setting up using the native email app or by downloading the free Outlook app (Android, iOS).

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