<aside> 🌎 CALLING ALL 3D ARTISTS! BUILD A ENTERTAINMENT VENUE FOR THE METAVERSE. Create a Entertainment venue for 151 people. Performers of all kinds (musicians, comics, speakers, magicians, panels) use NOWHERE as a place where they can be present with their audience, share their art, and build a global community, what will you create to make these shows even better?


🏆 Prizes

🥇1st Place = US $3,000

🥈2nd Place = US $1,500

🥉3rd Place = US $500

All Submissions will be considered for our premium world catalogue (artist keeps 75% of any sale)

What makes your venue remarkable?

What memories will this venue create? What images and videos will be shared? What do you want the performer to feel? What do you want the audience to feel?

Is it a grand proscenium theater or grungy Berlin warehouse, or a far out neo-noir space station? Think about how/where people perform, how/where people mingle, and how people will navigate the space. Is the stage a giant lobster or brutalist cube? Is there a ramp, box seats, or mezzanine for better audience site lines? Is there a stage door, backstage, or performer greenroom? Maybe an easter egg that takes you to a secret space!

🎨 The Deliverable

All submissions should be fully functional worlds, prepared and exported through the NWR Blender Plug-in.

Please closely follow the requirements outlined in the WORLD BUILDER’S GUIDE. The guide will also help you through installation, general use and final export. Worlds that do not follow the requirements will be disqualified. Pay close attention to file size, triangle count, and texture optimization.

The following criteria will be taken into consideration