The Meta token lies at the heart of mStable. It is what co-ordinates mStable's governance.

Every participant in the mStable protocol has the option of earning the Meta token. MTA is what enables mStable to be a collective, decentralised protocol.

The Meta token is built to coordinate decentralised governance by incentivising stakeholders to act in the best interests of mStable. Meta Governors are responsible for the setting and maintenance of mStable system parameters.

Currently, discussion of governance topics takes place in our discord and forum, with token holders signalling their vote preferences on snapshot. Only changes that have passed through a snapshot vote by Meta Governors can be implemented.

Below are some of the parameters that Meta Governors decide upon enacting:

Staking MTA for Governance

Staking $MTA

Governance Statistics

As of 14 April 2021

Top Stakers

As of 14 April 2021