We continue to add new messaging platforms and want to support your audience regardless of how they sign up. Messaging Credits allows us to simplify all of the messaging tools into a single system so that you can focus on creating.

How it works

We offer messaging credits monthly in blocks of 5000 credits for $10. Each creator gets 250 credits per month on us :) If you don’t use any credits in a month, or you don’t exceed the 250 free credits, you will not get charged for messaging.


~ It works out to about $10/1000 texts and $10/5000 emails


190 emails, 797 texts that are 1 segment long, 325 pics/contact cards in sms, 448 fb messages, and 900 discord messages, 50 Instagram DMs

190 emails * 1 = 190 creds

797 texts * 10 = 7970 creds