Original Pieces of Russian shot down Military



Posters - Artists Against War


Posters were created by artists who fight with art against the war in Ukraine.

By purchasing the posters you support Ukrainian artists and volunteer initiatives.


SAINT JAVELIN - shirts, hoodies, stickers


100% of the net profits from all our merchandise is donated to a charity I've worked with for years: Help Us Help, a registered charity in Canada that provides humanitarian aid to vulnerable people in Ukraine.

From the author:

<aside> 💬 I started Saint Javelin with hopes of raising $500 by selling stickers to help out during this crisis. Almost two weeks later & we’ve surpassed $650,000!



William West Candles - Flame for Freedom


All raised funds sent desperately required for injured and homeless in Ukraine.

From owner:

<aside> 💬 My wife is Ukrainian and is making them [candles] free of charge whilst her parents make petrol bombs in a basement in Kyiv surrounded by gunfire. As Boris said the flame of freedom must never be extinguished. She wants to give as much money to the hospitals so people who are injured can get treatment. We will just make candles as fast as possible, to help people with every penny.