Menus are a collection of menu sections. Each menu can be individually active or inactive. Learn about adding and removing menus on your Ingredifind account.

Create a Menu

To create a menu, you must first be on the menu page at Click on + New Menu on the sidebar to the left of the page. Select a menu type and click Save.

Your newly added menu can be found at the bottom of your menu table.

Menu Display Order

You can change the order of your menus at and rearrange them in a specific order.

If you do not see a drag icon, try reloading the page.

View Menu Contents

To view the menu, click on the menu name in the menu overview page found at In the menu page, you can view and edit the dishes and menu sections in your menu.

Switching Between Menus

On the menu page, you can switch between menus. Next to the name of the menu, click on the dropdown toggle. You will see a dropdown menu of all your menus; click the menu you want to view.

Recently added a menu? Learn more about menu sections for your menus.