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Thanks for your contribution, great to see we are not alone here 💚 So, what this guide gives you: a framework to help People leaders and senior management put an overall mental health policy in place at their organisation, by copying and amending various templates that they provide for specific policies, plans and initiatives. Check it!

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Submitted by Ellie Burgos-Watkinson on Sep 11, 2021


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This guide explains their approach to well-being on high level, and reveals a lot of interesting ideas to inspire:

Green Light to Talk **is their internal initiative of encouraging open conversations about mental health and well-being. Each month they publish stories from their people personal experiences of mental health issues, highlighting the tools and resources available to people who may be struggling, and to those who want to help others.

Wellbeing Champions Network is a group of over 400 volunteers helping to embed their Be Well, Work Well approach within the business.

Mental Health Advocates Network **is a group of Partners and Directors with experience of mental health problems, who will listen in confidence and without judgement and signpost to the right support.

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