How to Participate in the Honeypot Rd. 2

  1. Stake DIGG in the Sett Vault strategy and receive bDIGG or Swap for bDIGG directly through SushiSwap.

  2. Go to the DIGG Collection on DontBuyMeme and Approve the use of bDIGG through the "Manage Stake" dropdown in the below widget ($MEME will be replaced with $bDIGG):

  3. Once approved, again click the "Manage Stake" dropdown and select "Stake" to stake your bDIGG. Once the transaction is confirmed, you are farming Pineapples!

  4. One you have enough, click the Redeem button of the NFT you wish to mint and confirm the transaction.

  5. When ready you can unstake your bDIGG by again clicking the "Manage Stake" and selecting "Unstake". Approve the transaction and once confirmed, you will have your bDIGG.

Past Meme NFT Badger Collections (Can no longer be minted)

Badger DAO NFTs