A Member is a user in your space. A Guest is a user with read-only access. Learn how to invite members and guests, and manage their permissions


<aside> 🔒 Members are only available on a Team Plan or higher


Owners and Admins can invite, remove and manage user access to the Space in Settings > Members

Members and guests

There are two types of users

Each Member counts towards a paid seat in your subscription plan. Guests do not count as seats.

<aside> ☝ You can have 2 free guests for every paid seat (member).


Access levels

Each member has an access level that determines what actions they are allowed to perform within the space. As hierarchy increases, so do the number of actions a user is capable of performing. In other words, Owners can do everything Admins and below can do, Admins can do everything Manager and below can do, and so on.

Role Purpose
Owner Manage billing and subscriptions
Admin Manage space settings, invite members
Manager Manage and approve deals, edit space resources
Editor Edit deals, only view space resources
Guest Only view deals and space resources