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Common pitfalls between designers and developers and how to overcome them

Myself and Thiago (a developer teammate) presented what we've learned from working with other disciplines. We shared our stories from 2 years of working together, problems we identified and actionable solutions. Here is a summary of the talk.

Pitfall #1 - Stereotyping

Our view of people limits their involvement. We can limit others in their capabilities, talents, contribution and interest areas.

How to overcome it?


Developers are not robots and designers are not painters.

Pitfall #2 - Different views of complexity

Thinking things are too complicated or not possible means that ideas are shut down too early.

How to overcome it?


Complexity requires discussion.

Pitfall #3 - Thinking details are set in stone

Taking things too literally, believing every detail is required without questioning, can result in unnecessary work. Ultimately, this results in slower delivery.

How to overcome it?


Details are not equal to requirements.

Pitfall #4 - Working in isolation

Silos can mean we over-prepare for scenarios that may not be important. We may over-engineer solutions. This means wasted effort and clunky solutions.

How to overcome it?