Gaurav Katyal


"If you are willing to sponsor my haircut(s), I might take you up on that offer"

Rain Soo Product Manager "You can stand under my umbrella"

**Alex Pour Product Designer**

Nitin Sethi Senior Product Manager "If my life had a flavour it would be mocha, like my coffee"

Ka-Mei Cheung UX Lead "I ❤ shiba inu's 🐕"

The team spend their time:

  1. Examining user and business needs to define project scope, and to identify and prioritise the problems we are trying to solve
  2. Creating personas, user flows and sitemaps
  3. Scamping UX concepts
  4. Rapidly designing and iterating UX+UI prototypes of happy journeys
  5. Conducting user testing
  6. Creating annotated wireframes and overview documents that specify all the user journey variants and edge cases.