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We have joined forces to create cutting-edge products to seamlessly remove complexity from web3 and make it effortlessly disappear in our everyday life. We believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and are committed to onboarding the next billion users to this new era of the internet.

Louise Ivan, CEO

📍 Netherlands

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Louise Ivan Valencia Payawal was the Growth Lead at the Stacks Foundation, leading community and token growth. They manage more than 100M STX in the treasury to work towards the adoption of the Stacks protocol. He has a Double Masters's Degree in Green IT and got his start as a community member before becoming a team member to Hiro PBC fka Blockstack PBC, mostly known for the first-ever SEC-qualified US Reg A and concurrent Reg S offerings in 2019, which raised 70$M+.

Under Louise's leadership, Stacks grew to more than 100,000 community members spanning 30+ countries while increasing STX access through various growth efforts. Currently, STX is worth more than 1B$+ in market cap and is the #1 web3 project on Bitcoin.

Passionate about the user-owned internet, Louise co-founded Ryder to build solutions that will enable real-life use cases for digital assets. He believes we can bring everything digital to the physical and capture the value we create in both worlds, making web3 effortlessly disappear in our everyday life.

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Marvin Janssen, CTO

📍 Canada

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Marvin Janssen has worked on projects related to digital identities, DeFi, and blockchain integration for various players in the crypto space since 2014. His work includes Hiro PBC, OpenSea, Trust Machines and the Stacks Foundation. He also operated his own crypto projects over the years, one of which reached 60,000 users at its peak. In the Stacks ecosystem, Marvin worked on key integrations as an advisor for many ecosystem members and partners.

He wrote standards proposals and a book about the Clarity smart contract language. He co-founded Ryder and works full-time to make next-generation crypto hardware a reality.

With an academic degree in philosophy from KU Leuven University, Marvin challenges the core concept of identity. He envisions a future where daily micro-crypto interactions redefine value transfer and our connection to the world. In this world, decentralised digital identity becomes the centerpiece, ensuring privacy, security, and self-custody. Recognising this vision, Marvin co-founder Ryder as the natural progression for the web3 space.

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Julien Nérée, CPO

📍 Singapore

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Julien grew up in the French countryside and studied electrical engineering in Paris with a specialization in consumer IoT. This foundation guided him across the globe, spending the last 7 years in tech hubs such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Singapore.

His career started in 2016 in Hong Kong when he joined Soundbrenner as their first engineer, eventually rising to the role of head of product. His key role led to the production and distribution of over 150,000 devices worldwide, with products generating over US $1.5M in pre-orders on Kickstarter. In 2021, he relocated to Singapore and stepped into the role of Technical Program Manager at Transcelestial, a space company contributing to the development of a worldwide internet.

As an advocate of Web3 and blockchain technology since 2017, Julien has joined Ryder as CPO, convinced that hardware technology can deliver tangible value and impact lives.

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