We're reimagining how technology can make online gatherings more joyful and more human.”

          *- [Bramble](<http://www.bramble.live>) Co-Founders Salimah Ebrahim and Vladic Ravich*

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                                                  Bramble’s Fluid Video Technology

                                              Bramble’s Fluid Video Technology

The current technology people use for virtual meetings is not well designed for social gatherings.

Bramble's proprietary fluid video technology allows people to socialize and collaborate the same way they would in real life. Guests can effortlessly move between conversations, run into friends, go for walks and explore virtual worlds, and arrange group gatherings — whether for work, play, or special events.

You can easily customize your virtual Bramble space by swapping in your own assets or choosing from our curated library. Just like real life spaces, virtual spaces can be fully customized to tell your story - whether you're an individual, a company, or a brand.

You can seamlessly embed any website into your space, including hundreds of games and collaboration tools you already use. Your virtual space is secure, encrypted and can be accessed with a single click right in the browser.

Our customers primarily use Bramble for their hybrid team’s virtual headquarters, as well as for conferences, virtual classrooms, festivals and performances.

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