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Description Link
Admin Demo Demonstration of the backend admin panel https://demo.medusajs.com/
AwesomeMedusa Community-created GitHub page dedicated to Medusa https://github.com/adrien2p/awesome-medusajs
Blog Blog curated to the community and the Medusa product https://www.medusajs.com/blog
Dev.to Community for software developers to share ideas https://dev.to/medusajs
Discord Instant messaging and digital distribution platform https://discord.com/invite/medusajs
Documentation Technical guide helping you build with Medusa https://docs.medusajs.com/
Frontend starter Demonstration of our Production-ready Gatsby starter https://start.medusajs.com/
Github Repo Our primary repo for our commerce backend https://github.com/medusajs/medusa
Homepage The front page of our website https://www.medusajs.com/
LinkedIn Our more business-oriented company-channel https://www.linkedin.com/company/medusajs/
Medusa.Express Demonstration of our drop-in storefront feature https://www.medusa.express/
Product Hunt Display of our Product Hunt launch from Feb 2022 https://www.producthunt.com/posts/medusa
Twitter Microblogging and social network https://twitter.com/medusajs

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