Medbux is credit for medical expenses, starting with an AI-enabled credit card for HSA accounts.


$120B sit in HSA accounts, growing at 10% every year to $150B by 2025. Right now, there’s no easy way to attain credit capabilities (credit cards, buy now pay later, equity loans) for HSA-eligible expenses - it’s like as if we existed in a financial system before the 1800s.

This makes HSAs very inflexible and clunky to use compared to the rest of the financial system, despite being a powerful asset to patients.


We’re building an AI-first credit solution that seamlessly guides patients through HSA-eligibility, and navigating through financing solutions. It’s like Apple Card for HSA expenses.

On top of financing opportunities on top of the clunky HSA expensing process, the Medbux app will make it easy for users to scan pictures of items and websites to understand what purchases may or may not be HSA-eligible. Interest rates for financing will be customized for every transaction by every user, to optimize for flexibility.

Why now

IRA just announced an increase in annual limits for HSA accounts. Also, post-pandemic inflationary pressures including medical labor shortage, higher drug costs, and increased healthcare visits have caused already-rising insurance premiums to grow rampant. More and more people are being pushed out of being able to afford silver and gold plans, and are relying on cheaper HDHP plans.

This means that new HSA accounts are being opened and funded at an unprecedented rate, all while medical expenditure is at an all time high. HSAs are also better than premiums because they put economic power back into consumer's hands, and are pre-tax, so they save patients ~30% on every medical expense. This becomes crucial going into a recessionary market.

Business model

We’ll start with a standard processing fee cut of 0.75% on every transaction processed on our card, as well as from interest on payments. Based on an annual HSA distribution of $75B, that’s an initial TAM of $500M from just transactions, not withstanding interest on payments.

We’ll expand to other financing and credit offerings like BNPL and equity loans. HSA users are fundamentally different from the average credit card user because of 3 reasons:

HSA accounts are collateralized assets that are currently not being utilized for loan and credit opportunities.

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