"Learn the bleeding edge from those building the bleeding edge".

Collaborative Project Based Education

We want to invite you to learn hands-on from our community of experts, mentors, and startups. Our program is 100% project-based, hands-on learning. Experts with cutting edge knowledge and experience surround you, accelerating your project and skill development goals. Together with your cohort, you will move from knowledge and theory to hands-on experience.


"Accelerate your learning by focusing on exactly what you are inspired by"

Team Project Pathway

We offer the opportunity to apply to join our team based project where you get to build a prototype, open source project, or commercial product ready for the market. 100% of the materials are covered (at no cost to you). Applicants will be chosen based on experience in at least one field of technical knowledge that is applicable to the project.

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Apply here for the Spring 2021 Program

Individualized Project Pathway

The individualized project pathway is an opportunity to work on projects you choose; or follow a project pathway we develop together with your goals in mind. Build your skills and experience project by project, and begin working with the cutting edge technology you've always dreamed of. Break through your sticking points faster with help from our mentors and community of experts. Read more:

Individualized Robotics Program @Mechlabs