MechVerse Collaboration NFTs

The MechVerse will join creative efforts with artists and creators to launch new content (Youtube Videos, Short Stories, Art Pieces), this new set of content will be available for minting in the MechVerse Merchant Station. Our creators will be reaping a percentage of all sales and as well any resell as per smart contracts in the future.

In MechVerse:Origin all the actions taken in the game are done by Mechanized Robot units. Each Unit type can only execute specific actions. For example, the Private Mech is required to battle, craft, and mine.

Our first collection will be focused on Military Units (Privates, Squad Leads and Corporates), nevertheless more unit types will be delivered later to automate regular tasks as the Outpost is transformed into a Settlement.

Mech Units will share different color parts that will give extra boost for different abilities, until game mechanics are set in stone we cannot determine to what exact effect they will increase but at the time of writing, however as a example they can be:

Other colors might come in play and affect the game mechanics in future deployments.

Players can obtain new units from new deployments or trading with other players and a rarity calculator and chart is available.