<aside> 👨🏼‍🍳 This is your Dashboard where all the most important views are in one place. Up top is the meal plan. You can fill it by simply dragging a recipe from any of the other views into the respective day. Alternatively, click on any recipe and set Planned For to any weekday. To remove dishes, drag them out of a day and onto No Planned For on the very right of the meal plan or simply remove the assigned weekday by deleting the weekday value out of the Planned For property. Check out my blog post here in case you have troubles or watch the video below

<aside> ❓ Show me my options! hides all your recipes and all your favourite recipes (rated 4 out of 5 or higher) behind those toggles. New Recipes to try shows all recipe without a rating - so the ones you haven't cooked yet. In case you have a huge amount of uncooked recipes, it will also shuffle them every time you open this page to keep recommendations fresh. My Shopping List lets you create exactly that. I'm feeling lucky shuffles all your recipes and haven't cooked in a while the ones that were not assigned to anything in the last month. If a recipe keeps appearing there and you want to remove it, simply tick or untick the checkbox - it will push it back a month.


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