<aside> 🙋‍♂️ I’m Batuhan, 18. I’ve been developing mobile apps for 2 years. After quitting my job, I decided to be an indie hacker.


I love interacting with people and sharing my journey. Letting people know what I’ve learned during my journey is also fun.

Short History

I’m actually one of those who believe less is more. But for the people who are a little bit curious, I wanted to make this page. I was born in 2003 in Istanbul. I spent my childhood by playing video games and eating junk foods (9-10 hours a day)

I started programming at January 2020. I started with C# and then I jumped into many fields (ai, game, app, etc.) to see what makes me most happy. Then I decided to go for app development.

Long story short, I improved myself, learnt app development and got a job as a Flutter Developer. But After working in a company and trying some freelancing, I decided that it wasn’t my thing. (Even though I loved my boss and team) I always wanted to be product maker a.k.a “indie hacker”.

But it’s not just that. I also wanted to interact with people, having fun and building my apps with the help of others. So I decided to start streaming. Then, I got bored. Then I realized that video content isn’t my thing. So, I decided to go for writing. It’s going good so far. I write whatever I want but mostly what I’ve learned. Warning: I may post dumb memes from time to time

Currently, I’m building my first indie application Fise. I’m planning to hit $3K MRR with it by the end of 2022. Let’s see how it goes :))

❤️ Actually that’s all I wanted to tell about my history now :D

What I do?

My Dreams