We at RiVAL wish each and every one of you health and calm in this time of turmoil. Please take care of yourselves and one another. The struggles for life, for dignity and for justice that are continuing, beginning and yet to come will require all of us, and all our skills in the months and years to come.

Things we did and are doing

The Hologram


Cassie has been hard at work developing her participatory art project to build a new “social technology” for grassroots, feminist care: The Hologram. The Hologram has been incubating at Furtherfield in London and has recently been presented at University of Chicago, Portland State University, and Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna with support of pirate.care

To learn more about the upcoming Hologram book and events, see below.

Revenge Capitalism


Max’s new book Revenge Capitalism: The Ghosts of Empire, the Demons of Capital, and the Settling of Unpayable Debts is now out from Pluto Press.


One of the most exciting projects of RiVAL, some three years in the making, is VAGABONDS, a new series of “radical, resonant and rigorous” pamphlets to “fan the flames of discontent,” edited by Max Haiven and published worldwide by Pluto Press. The first two titles in the series, due out in mid-July, are