Maxia Warehouse is the easiest way to connect your data to Maxia. We make it simple and secure to connect your historic and live data, so our AI can train from your historic data and generate predictions from your live data.

Warehouse FAQ

  1. Why should I use Maxia Warehouse?

    As the saying unofficially goes, 90% of AI is collecting and organizing data. There's a lot of complexity in storing and transforming data so it can be useful for an AI, and it's given terms like ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and Feature Engineering. There can be many pain points in the process:

    Maxia connects directly to your businesses most important datasets and handles all the complexity of making it AI-ready for you.

  2. What can Maxia Warehouse connect to?

    Currently, Maxia Warehouse supports Segment. More connections are coming soon.

Maxia Warehouse Connections