Passionate about technology and coding. Building projects with performance and scalability always in mind. I love creating new innovative products.



Work Experience


Lead Developer – (2019 - Present)

GSNET is a company based in Italy working on the innovation sector.

Maker Faire Rome 2020 – Digital Edition

Maker Faire is the largest convention for DIY enthusiasts. I designed the architecture of the platform, developed the backend API endpoints and worked on the development of the web-app. The website reached over than 600.000 views in 4 days, 40.000 users from all over the world and more than 300 contemporary live event streams.

Lemonn – Online Events Platform

Lemonn is a digital platform meant to easily create corporate events. Worked as Full Stack Developer, following the MERN stack. The platform won the BEA (Best Event Awards) after the "Image Everything" event, in which several Disney executives launched the Disney+ service in Italy.

IoT Train

I designed the architecture of the communication between all the components of a train to automate the spray of an herbicide. I also wrote the computer vision algorithm, the logic that handles the inputs and the outputs of the modules and the dashboard that shows all the data generated by the train ride.


I was part of the team that worked on the dematerialization and digitalization of paper documents.

In particular, I worked on a smart scanner called DocHub that could process scanned documents: