Your distance digital math course may operate differently than math classes you have taken in the past. For example, you may not watch your faculty do problem sets at the board and instead do more problem sets yourself. Your assignments may be created by your faculty, or by an outside company that then integrates them into your HE-CMS. Whatever the system, you should expect your faculty to be a regular and necessary presence in your math learning during your distance digital course, just as you would a face-to-face course.

✏️ Based on the opinion article "We’re 20 Percent of America, and We’re Still Invisible" what is the maximum percent of the US workforce are workers with disabilities? What numbers do you need to answer this question? What equation will yield and and answer?

When doing math, for any course, whether in math or other courses such as physics, psychology, or nursing, requires showing your work. Your faculty should make it clear how you can show your work. Faculty may ask you to type your math, as above, or take a picture of it on paper, or to enter your math into web pages with specific forms or formats.

The key for any coursework that involves math is to show your work. There are many websites that promise supplemental math help, including answer banks to problem sets in textbooks. If you use these you risk failing your course for cheating and failing to understand how to do math that you will be tested on.

The digital distance environment does allow you to save some money by using free digital resources instead of buying a pricey calculator (if your faculty allows). Of note, Desmos is a website and mobile app that offers scientific, graphing, an geometry calculators and tools.

Desmos | Beautiful, Free Math

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