Math is everywhere and one thing I have notice is that often times I remember studying some topic but I don't remember enough details to understand it well. After searching how other people remember all the details, I realize that I should start just repeating math exercises every day for months to really master them. For me it seems like high school math is the most important so I decided to spend ~30 min every day doing a few exercises on some topics for the next 6 months. At some point I might jump into other than high school math but I probably have enough work on this alone.

Start by reviewing high school math and then move in some areas to college math but keep repeating high school math unless I feel like I already master it really well.

Start: 2020/12/27

End: 2021/10/08

Check these (from The art of doing science and engineering book)

  1. The important method of Mathematical induction
  2. after a brief mention in algebra in connection with quadratic equations we ignore, almost in holy dread, any mention of complex numbers until the fatal day, late in the linear algebra course, when complex eigenvalues and eigenfunctions arise and the poor student is faced with two new, difficult concepts at once and is naturally baffled.
  3. the important useful method of undetermined coefficients is briefly mentioned
  4. impossibility proofs are almost totally ignored
  5. discrete Mathematics is ignored
  6. little or no effort goes into trying to convert what to many of the students are just "chicken tracks on paper" into meaningful concepts which are applicable to the real world.