Directly from the Midas platform, investors are able to invest BTC to the MasterNode Yield Automated Portfolio.

To quantify MNYAP investments, this was issued as managed with a token. This is not a blockchain-based token, but a unit of measurement for MNYAP investments. Investors would purchase, sell (automatically through withdrawal) and hold their MNYAP investments in the MNYAP token.

Every MNYAP token in circulation is backed by assets:

Each token is priced based on the markets providing underlying support.

Behind the scenes, coins are purchased on your behalf, built in to nodes and begin to generate rewards.

<aside> ✴️ Rewards paid in BTC: Instead of coin payouts, invested users will receive payouts directly in BTC to their Midas BTC balance. Payouts will be made weekly every Friday and will include BTC generated by the Masternode YAP from the previous 7 days.


Asset stability:

The Masternode YAP has been designed to provide stability to your investment whilst generating payouts directly in BTC.

Have control of your funds:

Deposit and withdraw to the Masternode YAP at any time. Your funds are not locked and you have full control at all times.

<aside> ✴️ You can find YAP Share in the list of available assets on the platform.