Speed loss in Evocon Shift View is marked as yellow areas which the user can comment.

Knowing the exact reasons for speed loss is important in order to analyze OEE more holistically. This helps to create a more comprehensive view of production and its efficiency.

Adding reasons for speed loss

  1. You can click on any yellow area in Shift View and the whole hour is selected by default - then you can move the brackets to select the time range in which you wish to comment the speed losses


  2. You can see the selected time range in the popover. Click the "Add reason" button to add a reason to the selected speed losses


  3. Choose the speed loss group and reason (and location if the feature is enabled). Most used reasons are brought out on top.


  4. Add extra note for the stop if necessary or required.

    Note: Required extra note for a speed loss reason means that the specific reason requires a free text comment from the operators (e.g. reason "Other"). This can be set under Settings.

    Note: The last 10 used extra notes are displayed to the operator to make it easier to add repetitive notes (this data is stored locally in the browser, meaning that other users outside of this browser window can not see the last extra notes).

  5. Click “Save” to confirm the selection.

Adding locations to speed loss reasons (optional)

If you enable locations for production stations then operators can register the exact place where the speed loss occurred. Locations are managed under station settings.

  1. Select the time range of speed losses that you want to comment and add the location detail to.

  2. Choose the group and reason.

  3. Choose the location.


  4. Add an extra note if necessary.

  5. Click “Save” to confirm the selection.

Changing or removing speed loss reasons

  1. Click "Speed loss" in the bottom menu.


  2. Find the speed loss reason that you want to change or remove.