Product changeovers are marked by production operators when they start a new job or order. When marking changeovers it is very important that the operators choose the correct time for the changeover.

All production signals, that the system registers are displayed as black circles on the hourly timeline which allows operators to easily find the correct signal and mark it on the Shift View as a new batch. This is indicated by the blue product changeover pin:


Another way is to make the product changeover on a production stop - then the blue changeover pin is displayed at the beginning of the stop:


Product changeover can also be started from the footer by clicking on the "Product changeover" menu item. Then you have 3 options to mark the signal or production stop where you want to make the changeover:

  1. just click on the signal or stop.

  2. use the arrows in the popover to move left-right between signals and stops.


  3. use the arrows on your keyboard to move left-right and up-down between signals and stops.

How to mark product changeovers?

  1. Click on the production signal or stop that marks the new product.

  2. Choose "Add changeover" in the popover.


  3. Choose the group and then the product from the list or use search.


  4. Enter the target quantity (optional) and extra note (optional).

  5. Click “Save” or press "Enter" to confirm.

  6. A blue icon will appear that marks the start of a new batch/order.

Note: You can mark a product changeover to the last production signal of the shift by using the hotkey "pp".

Editing and deleting a product changeover