Getting Started

Here are some quick steps to get you started with MarketingCopy AI's short copy generator.

Step 1: Selecting a tool to create copy

Select tools from the side navigation menu and this will take you to the Tools Page. This is where you can see all the different tools available for different categories. Select a tool for the type of copy you want to create.

mc templates-08.jpg

Step 2: Select a project for saving copy

On the short copy generator page, you can see the projects selection button. You can check the project for saving content from here.

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 16.59.47.png

This is the project selection list. You can change the current selected project from here to save copy and view previous history.

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 17.09.02.png

Step 3: Describe your product / service