What if you had the chance to drive the digital marketing strategy for a product that shapes the future of one of the world’s most popular leisure activities?

That's what we're doing here at Deckee. Over 200 million people go boating around the world every year, and our software can help them stay informed and safe on the water. At the same time, our technology helps governments and maritime authorities plan for the waterways of the future.

We've just opened a rare opportunity to help craft and deliver Deckee's marketing strategy during a pivotal time, as we expand both geographically (look out, world!) and strategically (data, insights, and groundbreaking partnerships).

This might be for you if...

This role is at the intersection of creative, marketing, technology and operations; you will have your hands in different areas to support the development and execution of Deckee's marketing and communications campaigns to educate, inform, connect and inspire our community across all regions.

You will think holistically about the company and its growth and look at every element of the marketing strategy — from media buying to creative execution — and implement rapid, data-driven experiments to grow our user base.

You must be detail oriented and be able to have multiple tasks on the go at any time, as you will be working in a fast-paced, growing environment.

As Marketing Manager, you’ll be responsible for coordinating marketing activities across the entire growth funnel (not just the top of the funnel) for our consumer users and partners. In this role, you will help Deckee get more people on the water by growing our community of users and network of partners. You will be responsible for finding ways to acquire, activate, refer, and retain users as they move through the Deckee experience.

This is a fantastic role for someone who has a strong background in online marketing and extensive experience with working with a team in a semi-remote or fully-remote working environment.

The ideal candidate has a passion for boating (fishing, sailing, power boating) AND technology.

About Deckee

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