You are a thoughtful, product-minded individual who is interested in shaping our brand experience ("BX") and building scaleable outreach systems. As the leader of the BX team you will manage all marketing activities at the company and scale a go-to-market team. Through this work, you will develop valuable insights and these will directly influence our product roadmap and positioning.

The Role

We're seeking a product-minded marketing leader deeply interested in early stage GTM.

You will refine our go-to-market: implementing acquisition strategies and managing the entry point to our product. Your appreciation for the customer and category will allow you to institute processes to manage thousands of concurrent conversations and touch-points. Collaboration with the product team is imperative as your front-line insights will translate into new tools and services.

Your experience


This is an example of how you can give your job descriptions some life. At Air, we use this section to highlight our company mission, values, culture, and personality.

Our goal is to help teams collaborate with photo and video.

Air is a productivity tool focused on media management. Creative teams love our product because it helps them capture and organize the photos and videos that drive their business. On Air, image recognition and color search create structure where needed and flexible workflow tools support creativity and conversation. Our goal is to align your content with the way you work: in a time crunch and on the go.

(Remote) Life at Air

We're a cast of characters that love engineering, product, and design. We use to work out of a warehouse in Brooklyn, but today we're scatted across the country. Our goal is to reconvene in New York during Spring 2021.

We desperately miss NYC...

The winner of our remote pancake cook-off