<aside> 💡 Description: MarkerAR only. Process event when the marker is visible by phone’s camera. Or opposite - marker left camera’s field of view.


To make your real-world Marker (Image/Poster) act as a trigger for redirection or any other action use geenee-marker-in / geenee-marker-out events.

  1. Create two scene types within one Experience:
  1. Go to Marker AR Scene and add an empty sceneWrapper.glb object into the scene:


  2. Open Fullscreen 3D Viewer and add the following snippet into Custom Code Editor (press “{}” icon)

Marker AR marker-in / marker-out Events:

this.activeSceneModel.emitter.addListener('geenee-marker-in', (targetID) => {
	window.location.href = 'WORLD_AR_EXPERIENCE_URL';

//geenee-marker-out also avaliable
  1. Replace WORLD_AR_EXPERIENCE_URL with your World AR Experience link.

Make sure you build our World AR Experience where you redirect your user to.