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Report and Net Impact Study

Maria 01 Impact Report 2020


The Upright Project Net Impact Calculation (Only)

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What is the Maria 01 Impact Report and why we do it?

The report is an annual publication of Maria 01 as a business. It provides insights from our community, startups, partners, and investors in an easy-to-read and compact format.

This report is also Maria 01's take on what it means to have impact: we have talked so much about it that "impact" as a term is diluted. However, we want to build a new narrative around impact and encourage discussion.

Our vision is to become the most impactful startup campus in Europe by 2026, so we want to support that with data. Since 2019 we have included a net impact quantification we conduct together with The Upright Project (a Finnish startup whose model helps us quantify the net impact of our startups on people, planet, society and knowledge.)

What information does it include?