How to understand icons displayed on the SpotAngels map

Free of charge spot

You can park for free on these spots. Next to the icon, you'll find the maximum duration you can legally park for.

Time limit spot

A Time limit spot is a free of charge spot that has a time limit restriction (2h or 4h most of the time). Sometimes, you can stay parked longer if you have a residential parking permit. You can add your residential parking permit directly in the app!

Meter spot

Meter spots are marked in blue. The rate is displayed next to the icon depending on the duration you set on the filters. By default, the duration on the filters is for 1h, so the meter rate displayed is for 1h. The rate is "Free" outside of the operating hours of the meter.

Higher availability spot

When a spot on the map has a halo and a yellow glow, it means that availability is more likely.

How does SpotAngels determine availability? Angels of the community are asked about open spots around them each time they save their parking location in the app. These open spots are displayed in real-time on the map for a few minutes. Also, the historical data about open spots is used to determine how likely a spot is available on a given day and time. By reporting open spots, Angels make parking easy together!