<aside> 💡 Use these instructions if you installed Passwork manually on Linux or Windows Server


Preparing for the update

Make a copy of the folder with the Passwork files. In case of any problems, you can roll back to your version. Files are located in the directory:

Download Passwork sources

Rename the folder with Passwork, and create a new empty folder with the same name.

For Linux

Make sure you have git installed. Go to the created empty folder and clone the repository:

git clone <https://passwork.download/passwork/passwork.git> .

For Windows Server

<aside> 💡 For a simple update you can use Passwork Setup tool for Windows Server


Sign in to your Passwork Customer Portal and download Passwork as a ZIP archive.

Transfer the license keys

Copy the files from the folder <passwork>/app/keys/ from the old version to the new one.

Transfer config.ini

Copy the file <passwork>/app/config/config.ini from the old version to the new one. Compare the <passwrok>/app/config/config.ini with the template config <passwork>/app/config/config.example.ini. Perhaps the new version has additional settings.

For Windows + IIS user

IIS can reset Rewrite rules (if you delete and load .htaccess file). Check your rewrite rules. If they are empty then repeat importing the rule like it's described in the manual.