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Congratulations, recruit! You are on your way to becoming a Mantalorian. We’re very excited to see you join us. On behalf of the entire Manta team and family, I’m honored to welcome you. My name is Albiona, and I’m the Ambassador Program Leader and one of the core-team members.

A Mantalorian is someone who’s already registered on our Ambassador Program!

Being a Mantalorian, you will:

Your contributions are directly connected to the Manta and Calamari success.

<aside> 💡 This page will be the main resource whenever you need to explore options as an ambassador for Manta and Calamari.


An Introduction to the Ambassador Program

The Manta Network Ambassador Program

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5 Steps:

👊 Mantalorian

Mantalorians have exclusive access to the core development team and are invited into our private team discussion channels. You’ll be able to communicate directly with us and get updates on our roadmap and plans before anyone else. We’re excited about your support and will help you grow your community as well!