Note:  In case you have multiple factories in Evocon, please make sure you have the necessary factories selected as active (more information here).

Production shifts can be defined under the “Shifts” card. For each station, you can set shift start and end times and select the weekdays when they apply and also switch the templates on/off.

If your production process also has occasional extra shifts (e.g. weekend shift) that are outside the usual schedule, then you can use our extra shifts feature – **read more**.

How to create a new work shift?

  1. Go to Settings and click on the „Shifts“ card.

  2. Select a station from the list where the new shift will be created.

  3. Click “+ Shift” and fill in the form

    Form properties


  4. Click „Save“. Shifts are created with the template toggle off by default to avoid any overlapping with currently enabled shift templates.

How to change work shifts?

  1. Select a station where you want to change the shift.

  2. Click on the edit icon for the shift you want to edit.

  3. Make the changes and click “Save”.

When will changes to shift times take effect?

Changes apply up to 24 hours into the past (if there aren't any previous shifts). Changes will not affect the shift that is currently active.

For example, it’s Monday at 13:05, the current day shift has to start at 08:00 and end at 17:00. Changes are made to the day shift and new end time at 18:00. The current shift will still end at 17:00 and the next day shift will now be running from 8:00 to 18:00.

Enabling/disabling shift templates

It is possible to create shift templates for different seasons/situations and enable or disable them according to your current needs.

  1. Select a station where you want to enable or disable shift templates.
  2. Use the toggle switch on the specific shift for enabling/disabling.