Extra shifts feature is useful when you have a production process where there are occasional extra shifts during weekends or nights, that are outside the predefined working hours. When this feature is enabled, operators can start and finish shifts manually in Shift View.

Important: with the ability to start and finish extra shifts it’s also possible to finish scheduled shifts before their end time. It’s very important to communicate this to everyone involved in using Evocon because once a scheduled shift is finished, then this action cannot be undone. However, if this happens, please contact support and let us know.

How to activate the extra shifts function?

  1. Go to Settings and click on the „Stations“ card.


  2. Click on the edit icon for the station you want to activate this feature for:


  3. Click on the toggle behind "Allow managing of shifts" (the toggle will turn green when activated):


  4. Add the shift name for this station (e.g. weekend, extra):


  5. Click "Save".

Note: The maximum length of extra shifts is 24 hours or until the beginning of the next predefined shift.