Each day of the week can have its own settings such as time options, daily order limit, cutoff, lead time.

  1. To start with, select a date of the week to set up
  2. To activate a day, select the “Allow local delivery on [day]” checkbox
  3. Specify how many orders can be submitted for a day of the week in the “Daily order limit” field. Let’s say you set it as 10. This means that the day will become inactive in the calendar and it will be impossible to select it to submit the 11th order. This setting is optional.
  4. Add a “Cutoff time”. Cut-off time allows you to shift orders out to the next active day if the order is being submitted after the cut-off time you specified in your schedule. The setting is optional.
  5. Add a “Lead time”. This setting defines the time (minutes/hours/days) you need to prepare the order. For example, if you set the “Lead time” to be 1 hour, a customer who submits the order at 10:00 AM will be able to select 11:00 AM as the first available time slot. The setting is optional.

Setting 5.png