The data panel shows the numbers your design produces. Those numbers are dictated by size of the buildings you've drawn, and the assumptions on how those buildings work (dwelling sizes, efficiencies etc.) Giraffe organizes those assumptions with 'usage' concept. Usage could be described as program, or product.

Usages allow you to compile a database of standards and assumptions. This allows your team to apply the same data to multiple geometries within a project. From giving all the residential buildings the the same buildCost to making all annotations blue.

Giraffe comes with some default usages such as Residential , Road, Basement Carpark and Annotation but you can create your own and copy them between projects.

If you copy a geometry from one project to another, the usages will be copied too. See this example here.

The data model behind Giraffe is explained in more detail here.

To edit assumptions click on the edit usages button in the top left.

To change which usage you're working on, click on the dropdown.

To create a new usage, click on the drop down, type the new name into the search bar and click Create New

Usages can be edited and created from the usage editor on the top left.