Playlist View

For any of the screens, each one has a playlist generated for every campaign type. Once campaigns have been assigned to the screens, those campaigns will be inserted into the playlist at the end of the playlist.

If you are using 'Filler' content, the playlist will be filled-out with content to ensure the playlist contains the same number of items as the 'inventory items'.

To do this, it will interleave the content in the playlist, maintaining as much equal spacing between the sold campaigns as possible.

For example for a 6 slot playlist, DOOHAd will produce a playlist as follows:

To review the playlist, you can select the players view. From here, you can see each of the player devices separated by location. You can see a timeline of the campaigns scheduled, as well as a view of the playlist for each screen output for each player.

By selecting the timeline view, you can review the campaigns and slots within the campaigns listed

By selecting the playlist view. This shows you the campaigns (not filler) assigned to the campaign types for the player. This view allows you to see all of the assigned campaigns for your screen.

The option switch allows you to view campaigns running live currently, vs all of the campaigns which are live and which are due to go live.

In this view, you are able to re-arrange the order of the campaigns. This allows you to avoid confilcts where competing brands are next to each other in the playlist. Click and drag a campaign into a new location to move it.