<aside> 📢 Managing Team members is only available on Pro and Enterprise workspaces. There are no limits on the amount of members you can have in your organization, however each person will be billed as a 'seat'.


Only those labeled 'Admin' can add and delete members. If you are not an Admin and would like to add or remove someone from the organization, please speak to a member of your team who is an Admin, or contact us at support@golden.com.

Note: There is currently no limit to the number of Admins in your private organization, but please only grant admin access to trusted members of your team.

Switch to Private Workspace

If you have admin access in your private organization and would like to add a member, first navigate to your private org by selecting the organization from the dropdown menu in the top left corner. (Also see: Switching Workspaces)

Click the private organization you wish to add the new member to from the dropdown.


Go to Organization Settings

Next, click 'Manage Members' in the 'Organization Settings' section of the Sidebar, and select the 'Manage Members' tab from within this page. Enter the new member's email under the 'Add members' section and click the 'Invite' button.


They will be added to the list of members as an 'Admin' by default. You can change their Role on the team to 'Member' by using the dropdown.

Note: The only difference between Admin and Member is the ability to add and remove members.

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