Your API keys are available through the API Keys section on your dashboard where you can create new API keys, browse or revoke the existing ones.

How to access your account's API keys?

  1. Log in to your ReferralMagic dashboard.
  2. Click settings from the application header.

How to create a new API key?

  1. Go to API Keys section on your dashboard.
  2. In the Create new API key form, enter a name for your new API key and click the Create button.
  3. The newly created API key will be displayed on the list.

How to revoke/delete an API key?

  1. Got to API Keys section on your dashboard.
  2. Find the API key you want to delete on the list.
  3. Click on the Revoke API key link just below the name of the API key.

Warning: Once you delete an API key, it can't be undone so please make sure that you've updated all integrations you've previously made with that API key.