<aside> 👋 Welcome to the Manager Resources page! Here’s some basic content to orient you around how we think about People Management at Oyster. This is by no means an exhaustive guide on how to manage people as there is no playbook for human beings — everyone is unique and has various experiences and perspectives. This page should be used as a resource to learn how to handle the various situations that may arise as a manager at Oyster.

We update this regularly as more content gets created.


📖  Handy Resources

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📣 Introduction

If you’re here, you’re probably interested in either your role as a Manager, what you should expect from your own Manager, or maybe you’re just curious about Management!

Since every company has a slightly different approach to people management, we wanted to start out by defining some expectations for all Managers at Oyster, regardless of team, department, or seniority.

🤔 What does it mean to be a Manager at Oyster?

We’ve bucketed Manager responsibilities into three categories:

1️⃣  General team management


Availability and Burnout