It's hard to manage people when you're remote. It's also just hard to manage people full stop. To help with this, Spill is running a series of sessions with managers across the Spill ecosystem to give them a space to talk about what they find challenging with either Maria (our Head of Product, training therapist and manager at Spill) or Graham (a Spill therapist who previously worked as a manager in the corporate world).

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What is a Manager Clinic?

A 50**min group

video conversation**

For up to 6 managers from across different companies on a first-serve basis, to talk about their biggest people-related manager challenges.

Bespoke guidance and practical tips

The session will help you unpick the emotional side of people management, as well as leaving you with some practical tips going forward.

Everything is fully confidential

Whatever you share in a Spill Manager Support Session is fully confidential: the therapist will explain this at the start of each session.

See available times and book your slot at a Manager Support Session here

Want a session all to yourself? Just email Anna at

Why attend a Manager Clinic?

⛵️ Share with ****other people in the same boat

✏️ Learn practical people manager tools

🗣️ Voice your challenges and frustrations

👯‍♂️ Bring best practice into your workplace

You probably have questions...

Have a look at our session ground rules as well as these FAQs for Manager Support sessions.

About the Manager Support Sessions